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JULY 21, 1997

Local News

Frank Peep up for position of Fire Commissioner

  Frank Peep is currently a Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District (WFALS) fire commissioner, having been appointed in 1996 to fulfill a vacated position, and sees this as an opportunity to continue the effort to lower taxes and streamline the overall operation of the fire department.
   Peep is a 30 year resident of Woodinville and with his wife Marjorie has raised 5 sons. Experience includes owning a local real estate business for many years, and working for several years with Motorola, John Fluke Company and Microsoft. Peep is now self-employed as a computer consultant.
   Peep feels that the recent reduction of the fire district tax bill to the citizens of Woodinville is important and will make every effort to maintain these savings through solid business practices within the district. Mr. Peep may be reached at 425-483-2947 or via email at fpeep@PeepSite.com.