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JULY 21, 1997

Local News

grace Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

The industrial area of Grace is crossed by two state highways and the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad. Mainly industrial, the area is expected to create 2,000 new jobs in the next 20 years. The view is from the top of Spectrum Glass's soda ash elevator.

State of Grace may soon change

  by Andrew Walgamott
   Grace, the south Snohomish County industrial and car parts Mecca, may soon annex to the city of Woodinville.
   Supporters of the proposition sent the city a notice of intent signed by owners of approximately 12 percent of the assessed land value of Grace.
   The petition is the first step towards Grace joining Woodinville.
   "Grace is pretty important to Woodinville because it is the northern gateway to the city," Don Fitzpatrick, owner of Fitz Auto Parts said.
   Grace sits alongside State Routes 9 and 522 at the southern end of the Maltby Urban Growth Area (UGA), a county-mandated development center. The boundaries proposed by annexation backers include 78 parcels on 228.8 acres on the floor of the Little Bear Creek valley. Snohomish County estimated the annexation area to be worth $41,235,400 this year.
   Some parcels are owned by the same person. In fact, to come up with the 12 percent of assessed value, only two property owners, representing $5,123,000, were needed to sign. They were Richard Waterman and Fitzpatrick. Waterman owns Jerry's Auto Wrecking and the Garland Custom Trailers among others.
   An annexation would not include the Wellington Hills Golf Course as it is outside of the UGA.
   Last week, the Woodinville Planning Commission considered proposed zoning for the Grace area. Currently Grace is zoned light industrial, heavy industrial and freeway service by Snohomish County.
   The commission recommended to the city to adopt industrial zoning for the area and do a sub-area study.
   Ray Sturtz, Woodinville Planning Director, said including Grace in Woodinville will increase the available space for commercial and industrial development, and create more jobs. He has said that in the next 20 years, Grace is expected to generate 2,000 new jobs.
   There has been concern over infrastructure costs that will be incurred from a potential annexation. According to Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, Snohomish County wasn't planning on working on the streets of Grace for 20 years.
   This summer, Cross Valley Water District has a project to bring water and sewer service to Grace and Maltby.
   The city council will meet with annexation-area property owners July 28 and is expected to direct Graceans to circulate another petition signed by 60 percent of the assessed value of the area.