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JULY 21, 1997

Local News

City okays Trib 87 study

  by Andrew Walgamott
   Last week, the Woodinville City Council approved a study on Trib 87 to determine immediate sediment control measures and a long term basin plan. The city chose Gray and Osborne, who have proposed putting a sediment tank on the creek this fall, to control flood debris.
   Trib 87 flows down N.E. 171st Street before being piped near the Albertsons shopping center. The creek floods 140th Avenue N.E. during heavy rains and melting snows when the pipes become jammed with rocks, sand and woody debris. Over the past four years the city has spent $160,000 on removing sediment, repairing roads and controlling traffic as a result of flooding on the creek.
   According to Public Works Director, Ron Cameron, the proposed tank won't control all sediment but could make a difference during future floods. Gray and Osborne will also prepare a basin plan for Trib 87 to determine how to best control the flow, stabilize streambanks and offer rehabilitation alternatives.
   The council also asked Kaiser Engineers to look at better channelizing the offset intersection of N.E. 143rd Street and 132nd Avenue N.E. near Kingsgate. Traffic is expected to increase significantly with the completion of nearby multi-housing developments.