The Edwards Agency

JULY 28, 1997


Guest Editorial

"Write" Tips for Parents

 Why, when it comes to writing, do we expect children to get it right right off the bat, writing researchers wonder.

Guest Editorial

Parent Tips for Summer Reading

 One of the important reasons to keep kids in a reading routine is to help halt the backslide that kids typically have when they're "vacationing" from school-time learning.

Letters to the Editor

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Thanks to participants in July 4 fundraiser

 The Eastman-Rush Memorial Foundation would like to thank those who participated in our July 4th fundraising event.

Leash laws exist for a reason

  I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that there is a leash law in King County.

Don't Trust Developers - All They See is Dollar Signs

  Good faith, honesty, fairness - three attributes totally lacking today in the development drive to squeeze every last dollar out of King County's quality of life, and also completely absent in monster development companies like Port Blakely Communities.

Saulness will not seek re-election

  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the past four years on Woodinville City Council, position 3.

American Lung Association director addresses tobacco issue

  The Washington State Investment Board's decision to keep tobacco stocks in its investment portfolio is yet another indication that the settlement crafted by state attorneys general and the major U.S. tobacco companies is not the "bitter pill" for the industry that negotiators have suggested.

Invitation to fellow Kansans

 Come meet new friends and old who are from Kansas! Remember those cornfields, sunflowers, hot and sunny summers, threats of tornadoes, wind and old fashioned picnics?

Visit the Northshore Senior Center

  How many places in this fast paced world where people of all ages (with emphasis, however on senior citizens) can come together in peaceful co-existence?