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JULY 28, 1997


Dear Woodinville Voter:

  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the past four years on Woodinville City Council, position 3. My original goal in seeking this position has been met: to help our new city get started with solid finances and fiscal policies. Woodinville was recently recognized by receiving the highest fiscal rating a city can get.
   Thanks to those who encouraged me to run for office. It has been a pleasure to serve Woodinville citizens. Special thanks to my wife, Mary Freal and our three year-old son, Art for all their patience and support.
   I won't be seeking a Woodinville City Council position this fall in order to spend needed time with my family.
   The week of July 28 through August 1, 1997, is the deadline for filing for public office. Please consider running for Woodinville City Council. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone willing to run for a council position.
   Art Saulness, CPA