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JULY 28, 1997


Thanks to participants in July 4 fundraiser

  Dear Community Members:
   The Eastman-Rush Memorial Foundation would like to thank those who participated in our July 4th fundraising event. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Foundation's mission to build a community pool and recreation facility for the Snoqualmie Valley.
   Eastman-Rush extends special thanks to Rany Ziegler for the use of the beautifully remodeled Pete's Club. Randy's generosity serves as an example of the type of local business involvement and community support that is necessary to make the valley a great place to live. Thanks Randy!
   Additional thanks goes to all the volunteers who helped out at our events: the dunk tank dunkees who made a splash with smiles on their faces; the dunk tank barkers who stood outside in the hot sun all day; beertenders who had drawing a mug of beer down to an art; Angel, guardian of the front door; the Dam Breakers for donating their Friday night concert (great music guys!); and the numerous other volunteers who helped sell tickets, mugs, snacks, and sodas, clean tables, pick up trash, and distribute prtezels and popcorn. The events would not have been a success without all of you!
   Community support is desperately needed to see the dream of a pool and recreation center fulfilled. Please step forward and lend us your time or talents as these volunteers so generously did. Our next workshop is Saturday, August 9, 9:30 a.m. at the Multi-Service Center in Carnation. We hope to see you there.
   With much gratitude,
   Nona Diediker
   Chair, Eastman-Rush Memorial Foundation