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AUGUST 4, 1997


The real enemy of the American family

  Do you know about Executive Order #12606? This order, signed by President Ronald Reagan on September 2, 1987, prohibited government from taking any action until it had answered seven specific questions, as follows:
   1. Does this action by government strengthen or erode the stability of the family and, particularly, the marital commitment?
   2. Does this action strengthen or erode the authority of parents in the education, nurture and supervision of their children?
   3. Does this action help the family perform its functions, or does it substitute governmental activity for the function?
   4. Does this action by government increase or decrease family earnings? Do the proposed benefits of this action justify the impact on the family budget?
   5. Can this activity be carried out by a lower level of government or by the family itself?
   6. What message, intended or otherwise, does this program send to the public concerning the status of the family?
   7. What message does it send to young people concerning the relationship between their behavior, their personal responsibility and the norms of our society?
   This policy is now dead. On April 21, 1997, Bill Clinton signed an Executive Order dealing with children's safety and environmental health. At the end of this document was this unexplained statement, "Executive Order #12606 of September 2, 1987, is revoked."
   What better evidence do we need that this man is the worst enemy of the family and of our nation's basic prinviples in our history? Congress needs to pass some bill restoring these limitations on government, and also use the surrounding publicity to impress the truth on the American public. We are constantly bombarded with the claim that Republicans are the enemy of the "American Family" and the "Common Man." Here is proof who the real enemy is.
   Roy Bleikamp, Woodinville