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AUGUST 4, 1997


Honesty makes grandmother proud

  To the editor,
   In these times, it is rare to read or hear about something good concerning a teenager. It happened in my family last week. My grandson, Kyle Keene, acted as he had been taught. He found a wallet at his place of work- Gold Creek Golf Course. The wallet had $1,300 plus a credit card. He did not hesitate to turn it in. He was not even given a reward.
   It did my heart good to have him act as he had been taught and family values were obeyed. Of course, his second thought was that the money had been in his hands and what he could have done with it. But his conscience told him it wasn't right.
   Parents, don't ever think a good role model does not influence your child. Kyle told his Dad that it was what he knew he would have done and that honesty was instilled in him at home.
   Grace M. Keene