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AUGUST 4, 1997


Camp Fire thanks volunteers

  Dear Editor,
   This past week the sounds of laughter, joy and excitement filled every inch of Hans Jensen Youth Camp in Issaquah. Camp Fire Boys and Girls from several eastside cities including Carnation, Fall City, Woodinville and Duvall, spent the week in the out-of-doors cooking over wood fires, making ice cream with old-fashioned ice cream makers, creating crafts, hiking, singing songs and a gazillion things more!
   All of the children were able to have such an awesome experience because of the hard work and energy of over 60 adult and teen volunteers. Counselors and Junior Staff lead small groups of children through our Summer Safari Fun, providing them with great memories that will last them for years.
   I would like to publicly thank them for giving so much during that week. Through such activities as our day camps and programs during the school year, our volunteers are able to provide the opportunities for kids to develop values, build friendshiips, give service and have fun. Special appreciation goes to our day camp leadership staff: Kathi Quickstad, Heather Emmett, Cindy Scott and Aaron Holsworth. Our young people are fortunate to have so many who really care about them and what they do.
   Jon Ann Cruver