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AUGUST 4, 1997


Setting the Record Straight

  This letter is in response to a letter written by Michael Costello published July 28, 1997 in which he accused Port Blakely and me of deceiving the public and King County about the use of groundwater to serve the Blakely Ridge Community. No deception occurred.
   Mr. Costello states that Port Blakely promised to never use groundwater for the Blakely Ridge Community. Port Blakely never made such a promise. In fact, at the time of King County's approval of Blakely Ridge in 1995, Port Blakely had a water right application on file with the Department of Ecology to use groundwater at Blakely Ridge.
   Since in 1995 the Department of Ecology had not yet responded to the water application, King County's approval of the Blakely Ridge UPD specifically stated that if Port Blakely proposed to use groundwater in the future, such requests would require a modification to the permit and a complete analysis of the environmental impact that would arise from groundwater withdrawal. Port Blakely agreed with this provision of the Blakely Ridge approval.
   Port Blakely is continung to pursue approval of a water right for the wells at Blakely Ridge. If a water right is issued, Port Blakely will decide at that time whether or not to seek a modification of the UPD permit. Such a modification would require further environmental analysis and a public hearing process.
   Port Blakely is committed to working openly and constructively with its neighbors at Blakely Ridge. We can appreciate that people have concerns and questions about real estate development, but false accusations and conspiracy theories do not benefit anyone.
   John L. Adams