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AUGUST 4, 1997

Local News

Fire services study accepted

  by A.T. Walgamott
   The city council approved recommendations of the fire services alternatives study last week. The study, done by the Charlie Earl Company, recommends the city stay annexed to the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District. It also suggests the city look at the district's progress in 1999 on siting and operation of a new downtown fire station, improving response times, managing a budget deficit, accreditation and effectiveness of joint decision making efforts between the city and district.
   The study was commissioned by the city to see if it still received equitable services since incorporation and to suggest whether the city should stay annexed to the district, form its own fire department or contract with another provider, among other reasons.
   The council also moved to develop a public safety committee. Parameters for the committee have yet to be set.
   In a letter submitted to the city, Mary Baum, former chair of the Citizen Advisory Committee (since disbanded), suggests the city re-evaluate its options. Based on her financial projections she writes, "I believe that the city can acquire some controls, while generating revenue for the city and more toward the possibility in the future of beginning it's own Fire Department."
   Carter Hawley, Woodinville assistant city manager, said she welcomed public input for the safety committee, but added, "We're certainly not moving towards our own district after the consultant says stay."