The Edwards Agency

AUGUST 11, 1997


Guest Editorials

The 1998 Balanced Budget Agreement and Tax Plan: What it means for Washington State Education

by U.S. Senator Slade Gorton
The balanced budget and tax relief agreement reached between Congress and the President is an historic achievement: It will completely eliminate the federal deficit by the year 2002 and provide the American people with their first real tax cut in 30 years.

Illiteracy: A functional problem

by Charles L. Singleton, Ed.D., Education
One of the major social and education problems facing many Americans today is illiteracy- lacking or not developing the ability to read and write.

Letters to the Editor

Woodinville couple gets involved

 In a time when many people might hesitate to get involved, Mike and Joanne, instead, demonstrated great kindness and compassion in assisting a total stranger in a life-threatening situation.

DFW last on list

 Re the letter about the young cougar being sighted in a homeowner's yard. You recommended that such sightings be reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Transfer of Development Rights Program

 I am writing you in response to your recent article regarding the proposed Transfer of (rural) Development Rights Program for King County.

Now for the rest of the story

 John Adams, Blakely Ridge Project Manager, seems to want to forget the testimony he gave to the King County Hearing Examiner....

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