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AUGUST 11, 1997


Woodinville couple gets involved

  We wish to publicly express our gratitude and extend our heartfelt thanks to Mike and Joanne Hanson (and Mike's mother, whose name we didn't get), of Woodinville, Washington, for their actions on July 13 in Billings, Montana, following a car jacking incident in which a lone woman was carjacked at gunpoint.
   In a time when many people might hesitate to get involved, Mike and Joanne, instead, demonstrated great kindness and compassion in assisting a total stranger in a life-threatening situation.
   We cannot find the words to express our appreciation. Without their assistance, the car jacking could have had a very different and probably tragic ending. Instead, we are back home, relatively safe and sound.
   The Hansons are a credit to their community and country, and their selfless actions have helped to restore our faith in human nature which the two criminals who stole my wife and her car would have surely destroyed. Thank you for the opportunity to express this through your newspaper.
   Randy & Nita Anderson, Edson, Alberta