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AUGUST 18, 1997


New name for Puget Sound Energy

  Again (Aug. 10) we are reminded: Instead of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) our provider of electricity should be called PUNY Sound Energy!
   This latest outage (only 6 1/2 hours) for Cottage Lake area customers reinforces comments made by British Columbia lineman during last winter's several-days-long PSE power failures. The Canadians said that PSE's maintenance approach exhibited a "brush fire mentality." They describe the utility's distribution system as being "among the most antiquated" they'd ever seen.
   Several planned power outages were made last month. PSE was fixing Cottage Lake distribution lines to give more reliable service." (Ho-HO-Ho!) So in the middle of August with absolutely no windstorm, we experienced this latest service disruption. Is this reliable?
   Should SPE customers begin recording outages and billing the utility at year's end to make reimbursement for spoiled food, costs of eating out, the inconvenience of not being able to read, watch TV, shave and shower?
   It seems that lining stockholders' pockets- instead of providing reliable service- is PUNY's priority number one.