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AUGUST 18, 1997


Greater Bothell Arts Fair

  1997 Community Donations
   Thank you Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You
   Robinson Designs & Events: sets, props, & produce fair; Bothell Police Department: security & facilitating; City of Bothell: donated dumpsters & prizes; Shannon Ambulance: first aid station; Bothell Fire Truck: community support & info; Dave Levinson: photo esablishment; Karen Merrill: coordinated children's area; Micheal Mcbean: celtic harp in fine arts room; Marshall Paris Insurance: sponser donation; Seafair: community council support; Keyboard Graphics: layout of application & flyer; Framewright gallery: name & medium labels for art; Northshore Swimming Pool: support & shared parking; Alexis Catering: lunch for judges; Kathy Chapman: quilts from the heart; Health Department: Trish Ryan; Creative Memories: information desk; Northshore School: support services, kitchen & everyone, Susan Cook, Cindy, Sandy, Wayne, Larry, Doug, Terry, Kwan, Blanca & Cherita, Joann Bushnell, Brenda & Bev.
   Lots of Time:
   Scott Robinson, Janelle Loewen, Jane Coates, Arvel McClese, Yoshi Erickson, Karla Locke, Tony Locke, Steve Midkiff, Erin Schroeder, Katrina Schroeder.
   Jan and Scott Robinson