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AUGUST 18, 1997


Applause for English Garden

  Recently I signed a petition in favor of Sterling's English Garden. A week ago Lisa Allen of the Valley View had a story about garden to replace sheep at Pfeiffer Farm.
   Pfeiffer said the slaughter house will go due to increased flooding and development. Last year she made a joyful announcement the slaughterhouse would open any day. Neither seven houses or increased flooding has changed things that much.
   I have opposed the slaughterhouse from the beginning, it is in a sensitive area adjacent to park and river, in the floodway, just blocks from city center. If it is a dead issue, I am delighted.
   Speaking of the historic register, will the recent twin barns qualify? As I heard it, she asked about farm sheds. When she was told no permit was necessary, up went the barns, in the floodway, not mobile. I thought it was a detriment to Carnation, with no benefit to anyone but Pfeiffer and her customers.
   This is the third time I have mentioned Sterlings great landscaping and the lovely gift to the Senior Center. Now I have some friendly advice. Get a lawyer, a good one. Study all permits, paper work, and agreements. Have everything in writing, with your lawyers approval, and Good Luck.
   Marguerite Ensley