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AUGUST 18, 1997


Post office update

 Because of the continuing strike by UPS workers, the amount of mail being processed by the US Post Office has risen dramatically.

Commuting 101

 Gisela Klos takes advantage of commuting services to ease her frustrating commute. A number of services are offered to accomodate the growing traffic.

Woodinville Firefighter is married to his work

 Greg Bender spends the week at MDA camp as a counselor with his wife, Miriam, who is the nurse there. They were married at that camp.

Don Newton is Romania Bound

 Twelve years ago a reader wrote a letter to the editor. "There seems to be a common bond in all of the people Oscar writes about which my wife calls "integrity," ...


 Dr. Henry responds to: I disagree with your opinion about chiropracters in your column last week. My chiropracter has helped me regain my health more than my medical doctor who just gave me drug after drug, and then said it was all in my head.