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AUGUST 18, 1997


Post office update

  NW News Staff
   Because of the continuing strike by UPS workers, the amount of mail being processed by the US Post Office has risen dramatically.
   Most post offices in the Seattle District (Central and Western Washington) delivered parcels last Sunday, August 17, to avoid a potential backlog and the possibility of having to deliver parcels Monday evening. The Postal Service normally delivers only Express Mail on Sundays.
   All post offices will take unlimited amounts of Express Mail and First Class Mail. The Postal Service is still honoring its Express Mail Guarantee.
   Parcel Size:
   * The postal Service still accepts all mail that is up to 108 inches in length and girth combined and weighing up to 70 pounds.
   * Parcels larger thaan 17" high x 17" wide x 34" long and weighing more thaan 30 pounds are classified as NMOs (Non Machineable Outsides), and are sorted by hand.
   * If a customer has one very large parcel exceeding the above dimensions, packing it into two smaller parcels will enable the parcels to run through the mechanized system rather than being sorted by hand in our NMO sorting section.
   The Postal Service has hired 2,700 employees on a temporary basis to sort parcels at large mail processing plaants nationwide during the strike. In Seattle, 50 of these temporary employees have been hired. New parcel mailing guidelines caused by the strike remain in effect:
   * The number of parcels accepted at local post offices will be limited to four per customer per visit.
   * Mailers with five or more parcel post items or Priority Mail will be asked to make appointments at specific parcel drop facilities in their area depending on the first three digits of their ZIP Code. The parcel drop facilitiy for 982 is the Everett Proccessing and Distribution Facility, 8120 Hardeson Rd. (425) 355-7788.
   Customers wanting to make an appointment should call the numbers listed above for details, or call 1-800-485-8727 between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. PDT. A nationwide listing of parcel drop facilities can be found on the Postal Service's web site: www.usps.gov