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AUGUST 18, 1997


Don Newton is Romania Bound

  By Oscar Roloff
   Goodness! I'm stuck. Twelve years ago a reader wrote a letter to the editor. "There seems to be a common bond in all of the people Oscar writes about which my wife calls "integrity,"
   Don Newman
   Good Grief: I would never even realized that. In fact, I had found plan of 'giving' of himself. A Promise Keeper, when unfortunates call he's right there offering a helping hand. Attached to Tolt River Craftsman Associates, he was ready to shove off.
   Where? He's already shoved off. Hearing of a girl's orphanage near Targoviste, Romania where there lived a group of slightly retarded girls, Don's ears perked up when he'd recieved word that the North West Medical Team was going out there to see about aiding the stricken girls.
   Immediatly Don offered to go along to aid in any way possible in the form of carpentry and that need always exist. Don said that seven hours a day are given to open Bible study with the girls and the Romanian government gladly desires the kind of skilled offering America gives the needy.
   I said, "It's good a thing your wife has a steady job as County Librarian at Carnation and her income in good." Whereupon, he said, "Gladly she supports my going and would go along too if she could."
   In closing-
   There exists in the hearts of these people a spirit and deeds of giving that made this country great. I commend them. I have kin in Romania and asked Don to keep an eye open in case he hears of them.