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AUGUST 18, 1997



  Q. I disagree with your opinion about chiropracters in your column last week. My chiropracter has helped me regain my health more than my medical doctor who just gave me drug after drug, and then said it was all in my head.
   A. I am glad that you found a health practitioner that is truly able to help you. One of the greatest gifts a health care provider can bring to his or her clients is the ability to really see and hear what is going on for the person. It sounds like this is what your chiropracter has been able to do.
   Healing is such a wonderful and fascinating process. My opinion is that healing is a property or an ability of the mind and body. The best health practitioners use the techniques that they have learned to enhance the healing process. Sometimes this has alot to do with the technique they are using (i.e. manipulation, drugs, surgery). Sometimes it seems to be more the presence, interest or caring of the practitioner that boosts the healing response and the technique is of secondary importance.
   Every day patients tell me they start to feel better after they call to set up an appointment with me. It's nice to think that it's something about me that does this, but I know that by taking an active step to care about themselves their healing response is intensified.
   I respect health practitioners from any school or technique who practice their art with integrity and understanding of the healing process. I would have to include mothers in this category. They are really the first "healers" that we encounter in our lives.