The Edwards Agency

AUGUST 25, 1997


Letters to the Editor

If this is progress, give me backward

 I would like to see the citizens of our town hold a public DAY OF RECOGNITION for those Shakers and Movers who have jerked Woodinville from its sleepy little niche and thrust it into the hierarchy of bustling cities.

The Cottage Lake Area Council

 Chuck Eberhart of the Cottage Lake Area Council expresses his appreciation to those who have helped.

SR 203 needs permanent repair

 The delays caused by fixing of our roads are driving everyone nuts, and won't make SR203 much better beyond a few weeks.

Tacoma/Woodinville's plans for street improvements

 Assuming that landowners have paid their share of basic improvements, the embellishments desired for public comfort or image enhancement should be shared by all city taxpayers, not just those desiring a building permit.

Gravel developers have no basis for claim

 It is that time of year when King County conducts hearings on a number of proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Once again there is a major issue for all citizens in the Snoqualmie Valley.

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