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AUGUST 25, 1997


If this is progress, give me backward

  I would like to see the citizens of our town hold a public DAY OF RECOGNITION for those Shakers and Movers who have jerked Woodinville from its sleepy little niche and thrust it into the hierarchy of bustling cities. I am not kidding about this, I seriously think the S and M's should stand up and take a bow in front of God and everybody and announce their names. Then, in appreciation, we can inscribe them on a big brass plaques placed around town so that all who come after us will know who is responsible for what has happened to our city.
   Already this town is one long traffic mess- during lunch hour those who leave the main streets to shop find it near- impossible to re-enter the frantic stream of a blocks-long back-up. It is enough to make you shudder to think of what it will be like once the monstrous shopping center is completed, and folks from outlying districts come to further clog streets where vehicles now move in a pace that is a close second to a slug's slither. Soon, Woodinville will have the dubious honor of being among those places sane persons avoid.
   And while were at it, I think it would be appropriate to include eulogies and dirges for those small, convenient and friendly business which will surely disappear from our town. It was wonderful having you around, folks.
   If this is indeed progress, give me backward.
   Jane Boren Kaake, Woodinville