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AUGUST 25, 1997


The Cottage Lake Area Council extends our sincere appreciation to:

  * Our County Representative - Lousie Miller: She has done it for us. She is responding to the needs of the community by her efforts towards Cottage Lake and the local area. We thank her for it.
   * To so many, friendly, helpful, interested citizens who have contributed by being faithful to the course.
   * To the Park Department who finally is coming through with action for the park site.
   * We extend appreciation beyond words to years of sincere interest and work on behalf of the community by the Woodinville Weekly and particularly by Carol Edwards Al Dams.
   * The Cottage Lake Area Council (CLAC) continues to do its best to bring the wishes of the community to the forefront where both the political and governmental offices can respond accordingly. The CLAC has a strong hope for continuous action by the County and State agencies to provide our community with a stellar park and additional long overdue community services for our area.
   Chuck Eberhart, Cottage Lake