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AUGUST 25, 1997


Gravel developers have no basis for claim

  It is that time of year when King County conducts hearings on a number of proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Once again there is a major issue for all citizens in the Snoqualmie Valley. Many of you have heard about the proposed 120 acre gravel mining site just south of 124th Avenue on the SR 203 highway between Duvall and Carnation. For those of you who drive along these roads every day, you should be aware that if gravel mining is allowed, this could result in the extraction of several million cubic yards twelve hours per day, six days a week for fifteen years at a haul rate of over 100 truck trips per day. The King County Growth Management Committee is currently considering an amendment that would reverse the Legal Non-Conforming (LNC) use status which allow the developers to apply for a permit. Without this status, the developers would be required to prove that they had historically conducted commercial sand and gravel operations on their land.
   Novelty Neighbors, a large group of citizens affected by the proposed gravel pit, was organized to insist that the county base their LNC designations on accurate and credible information. Evidence from air photos, lack of previous county permits, and testimony from adjacent neighbors, indicate that the developers have no basis for their LNC or to apply for a permit.
   Please write or call members of the Growth Management Committee (296-1000) to recommend reversal of the LNC designation for Site #41 to a potential mineral site. This will force the developers to submit the information necessary to substantiate their alleged right to mine in a residential-agricultural zoned community.
   Jim Eldridge