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AUGUST 25, 1997

Local News

Bothell reorganizes city departments

  NW News Staff
   BOTHELL-- The city last week reorganized Community Development and Public Works, putting the departments under one director, and sent Long Range Planning to the city manager's office. The move was seen as relieving workload pressures.
   Previously, Community Development had been co-directed by Bill Wiselogle and Duane Bowman. The department handled plan review, preapplication completedness, transportation consistency and permit services, as well as long range planning.
   Under the new structure, Community Development will fall within the sphere of Lynn Guttman, Public Works director. The department will handle current planning, engineering services and public works.
   Bowman and Eddie Low will continue to manage Community Development and engineering, respectively. Building and fire inspections have also been put together for the next two months.
   Long Range Planning, under Wiselogle, will move from Community Development to the city manager's office.