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AUGUST 25, 1997


BATF joins cafe arson investigation

  NW News Staff
   WOODINVILLE--The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been called in to help investigate the arson that occurred at Louie's Cafe August 4.
   BATF's involvement is standard procedure when there is a person of interest or sensitive subject being investigated, according to WFLSD chief Steve Smith.
   The cafe, in the downtown Albertsons shopping complex, was the scene of five different blazes set in the office, kitchen and bathroom of the unit overnight.
   A sprinkler system as well as responding firefighters doused the fires. Damage was estimated at $25,000. Neighboring businesses suffered water and smoke damage as well.
   A notice posted at the cafe Aug. 13 stated rent of $3,458.31 was past due. JSH Properties, which manages the shopping center, would not comment over the phone. The cafe remained closed last week.
   Chief Smith said arson investigations were sometimes "long and tedious."
   "Arson is a very hard crime to prove," he added.