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AUGUST 25, 1997


"First Moves" funding approved by RTA board

  NW News Staff
   A revised 1997 budget which includes funding to put in place four "first moves" projects was approved by the RTA Board at its July 24 meeting. At the beginning of the year, the board approved a six-month budget for the first half of 1997, during which time specific action plans would be developed for implementing Sound Move , the Ten-Year Regional Transit System Plan.
   Based on the action plans, a more precise and detailed budget was developed for the second half of the year and incorporated into the full annual budget that was approved by the board.
   In presenting the budget to the board, Finance Committee Chair Greg Nickels reported that voter-approved tax revenues are now beginning to flow, allowing the RTA to begin the implementation process.
   The 1997 budget projects expenditures of $23.5 million over the year. About $21.5 million is budgeted for capital expenditures during the year, including $6.8 million to fund the four "first moves" projects approved by the board earlier this year, which are specifically:
   * adding new runs to Pierce Transit's Seattle Express bus service an partnership with Pierce Transit
   * building the 100-stall Ash Way park-and-ride lot in Redmond near Interstate-5 at 164th Street north of Lynnwood in partnership with Community Transit and the state Department of Transit
   * building the Overlake Transit Center and park-and -ride lot in Redmond, in partnership with the state Department of Transportation and Microsoft Corp.
   * acquiring property for a transit center and commuter rail station in Auburn in partnership with the City of Auburn, King County Metro and the state Department of Transportation