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AUGUST 25, 1997


New courses at LWTC

  NW News Staff
   Registration for fall quarter at Lake Washington Technical College will begin Sept. 2. For a free copy of the fall course schedule and admissions information, call 739-8100, or visit the college Web site at http://www.1wtc.ctc.edu.
   New offerings this year include a 2-year option for a legal secretary program. The program leads to an associate of applied science degree from the college. For more information, call instructor Adele Josten at 739-8351.
   Those wishing to develop the fundamental skills required for entry-level positions in business and industry can earn an office assistant certificate. Call 739-8100.
   Other new offerings respond to the rapid growth in high-tech job opportunities. Computer Applications (formerly Business Microcomputing) will prepare students for careers in building, installing and managing web sites.
   Computer Applications Help Desk teaches strategies to identify and resolve software computer and networking problems.
   The Computer Applications Associate of Applied Science degree combines marketable computer and software skills with business courses. Call 739-8100 for information on any of these programs.