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AUGUST 25, 1997


   Martial Arts School teams up to kick drugs out
   NW News Staff
   Richards' Taekwondo is working with Chuck Norris in his Kick Drugs Out of America campaign to help America's underprivileged youth kick the habit of drug abuse.
   Master Brandon Richards, the head instructor at Richards' Taekwondo, is starting a fundraising campaign to help Chuck with his 1997 Kick Drugs Out Of America Campaign. They have created coupon books with each coupon being sold by the students of Richards' Taekondo entitling the buyer to one free month of martial arts' classes for $1.
   All the funds raised for this worthy cause will be donated to the KDOOA Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Chuck Norris.
   If anyone would like to help Brandon Richards and Chuck Norris Kick Drugs Out Of America by purchasing a coupon for a free month of classes at Richards' Taekwondo, call 775-0299.