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City of Kenmore

  I have been amazed to find how many people who live within the boundaries of the proposed City of Kenmore are not aware that this City proposal includes them. Having a Bothell mailing address does not necessarily mean that you live in the City of Bothell. At least three quarters of the addresses within the proposed City of Kenmore now have Bothell mailing addresses but are residing in unincorporated King County. The proposed boundaries of the City of Kenmore are approximately the Lake Forest Park City limits to the west, Snohomish County to the North, Bothell City limits (with a few exceptions) to the east, NE 145th St. to the south, but will include all of the St. Edwards State Park. Maps are available. For further information on the proposed City of Kenmore call their voice mail 728-3924.
   Jan Allott
   (also a member of the Committee of Citizens for incorporation of Kenmore, Inc.)