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Evergreen Hospital Board prepares for Swedish alliance

  by Andrew Walgamott
   TOTEM LAKE--The Evergreen Hospital Board of Commissioners chose one of two representatives for a nine member commission overseeing the potential alliance with Swedish Hospital at last Tuesday's regular board meeting.
   The five-member board chose Commissioner Al DeYoung in Executive Session. Evergreen Commissioner Rex Lindquist had also been nominated, but his name was withdrawn after protest from Commissioners Bruce Buckles and Rebecca Hirt.
   During public comment, commissioners heard from members of the Community Advisory Board and local citizens, many of whom recommended Evergreen place a man and a woman on the oversight board.
   "There has to be somebody out there representing women aIt's very unfortunate that various boardmembers are refusing to empower and even listen to the community advisors," Buckles said.
   According to Buckles, the partnership will allow both hospitals to obtain contracts from different health insurers, provide more service at a lower cost, and share resources. Evergreen is a public hospital and Swedish is for-profit.