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Corine Hensley (left) spoke before Boundary Review Board chairwoman Mary Hale

Incorporation effort begins for Maltby-Clearview

  by Andrew Walgamott
   MALTBY--The clock is ticking for residents who want to form a new city in south Snohomish County. Following a formal hearing with the Boundary Review Board, Maltby-Clearview incorporation backers have less than 180 days to finalize city boundaries and collect signatures from 10 percent of registered voters in the area.
   An estimated 8,000 people live within the 12.5 square mile area, including the rural burgs of Maltby, Clearview, Wellington Hills, Turner Corner, and industrial area of Grace. Prior to the BRB hearing, a request has been made of the Snohomish County Council to adjust the urban growth line around the proposed city. Incorporation's can only occur inside the urban growth line.
   And though the city hood movement has County Council member Swede Johnson's support, a member of the movement, Corinne Hensley, is running against the winner of the democratic primary Sept. 16. Johnson faces Dave Somers of Monroe.
   City organizers must also compile information on how they want to run their town, including a tax base and financial feasibility studies and present the information to the BRB, according to Vivian Cernich, BRB assistant.
   "They have lots of work to do," Cernich said. John Postema, owner of Maltby's Flower World and city hood champion, said in the next two or three months he hoped to produce a vision for the area. Postema already has ideas, including a park near Clearview, high density along SR-9 and better flood control. "I think all in all the idea is not to change the picture at this time and let [the area] grow with common sense," Postema said. He added there was quite a bit of planning to do and said 25 interested people had enlisted to help.
   Grace, which is included in preliminary boundaries of Maltby-Clearview, most likely will not join the city. Property owners in the 228-acre industrial center along SR 9 and SR 522 are negotiating zoning and roadway constrictions with Woodinville before going further in the annexation process. Postema and Council member Johnson have said it may be best for Grace to join Woodinville.
   But many in the region fear Woodinville will annex further up SR 9 and SR 522. Incorporation would prevent that, as well as keep taxes within Snohomish County. Planning workshops will be held at the Maltby Community Club every few weeks as area residents put together plans for their city.