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September 8, 1997

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 wilmot park

Work began on Wilmot Gateway Park last weeek as Hos brotyhers crews installed a stormwater outfall pipe into the Sammamish River. Walkers and other trail users were rerouted around construction until Friday afternoon when work finished up. Major work on the park is expected to begin next spring.

Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

Work begins on Wilmot Park

  NW News Staff
   WOODINVILLE--Taking advantage of the weather and the "fish window," construction began on Wilmot Gateway Park last Thursday as crews put in a stormwater outfall pipe.
   The pipe will drain water collected from roofs and flowerbeds as well as the rest of the park into the Sammamish River near water level, according to Woodinville Parks Director Lane Youngblood.
Laying the 18" pipe now will save one-and-a-half months of construction time next spring, Youngblood said. The city is restricted from working near water level between Sept. 15, 1997 and June 1, 1998. Hos Bros. Construction of Woodinville provided the manpower and equipment. J.A.C. Concrete, Olympic Foundry and Pacific Waterworks all supplied materials.
   The Sammamish Valley Trail was temporarily rerouted around the construction site. Trail users walked, rollerbladed, jogged or biked over hard packed gravel and dirt. The project was done by Friday afternoon and the trail was reopened.
   Major construction on Wilmot Park is expected to begin next spring and be completed in late summer, according to Youngblood.

   Companies or individuals wishing to contribute to the park fund can still purchase embossed bricks and tiles. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 489-2700.