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September 8, 1997

Local News

Sims, Yeager tee off in Executive's race

  NW News Staff
   Two men are vying to represent the Democratic Party against Republican Suzette Cooke for county executive. One is a long-time county councilmember, the other has, well, he has some interesting ideas.
   Ron Sims
   The current county executive, Sims was appointed to the post by fellow councilmembers in December, 1996 when former executive Gary Locke was elected governor. Sims, who is married and has three sons, had been a County Councilmember since 1985. In his reasons for running for the executive's job, Sims says he's working to keep quality of life high in the area.
   "As King County Executive, I have worked to make sure our streets are safe, that we're trying to solve traffic congestion, that good jobs and affordable housing is available to all, and that we're spending taxpayer dollars wisely by keeping the cost of government down," Sims said.
   A graduate of Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sims has won numerous awards for community involvement including leadership awards from the U.W., Audobon Society, Rotary Boys and Girls Clubs and Children's Home Society.
   Sims has also a member of former-president Jimmy Carter's 1992 Zambian election monitoring team, was appointed by President Clinton in 1996 to the United States-Pacific Trade and Investment Policy Commission.
   "My father once taught me that the measure of a person is the legacy she or he leaves in the community. I hope our legacy is that we protected the quality of life we so cherish here in the Northwest, and laid a firm foundation for a better life for generations to come. I think that's a legacy that would make my father proud," Sims said.
   Kenn Yeager
   Yeager did not respond to requests for information from the Woodinville Weekly/Northlake News. The following information was taken from the Voters Pamphlet.
   I am a candidate for King County Executive. My basic platform is: Let the waters flow. Let the grasses grow. A can-can dance is okay-even if Krushchev doesn't approve. There should be a honey pot every third block in downtown Seattle. We support the legalization of M.J.B. The drinking fountains in the cities and towns of King County should have water or be destroyed.