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September 8, 1997

Local News

Former mayor, real estate agent run for south county council seat

  NW News Staff
   Two Mill Creek Republicans are battling in the primary to go up against Democrat Barbara Cothern to represent voters in Snohomish County Council District 4.
   One, Terri Struthers-Thornton is hoping her write-in campaign will be enough to overcome Pam Pruitt, a former mayor and city councilmember for Mill Creek.
   Pam Pruitt
   A retired certified public accountant, Pruitt was elected to the newly formed city of Mill Creek in 1988. She served as mayor during 1992 and 1993, as well as on a number of council committee assignments including library expansion, capital improvements projects and a town steering groups.
   Pruitt says her priorities if elected include increased funding for public safety and the criminal justice system. "I am committed to keeping criminals off our streets and away from our children. We need to use available funds to improve faster response times and increase the visibility of officers in our neighborhoods," Pruitt said.
   Another hot button for Pruitt is traffic. "My experience as a former mayor and city councilmember has shown that better design, planning and proper maintenance of roads will provide relief from gridlock," she said. She is also concerned about preserving neighborhood character.
   "We need a rational approach to managing growth and to carefully plan our future to avoid the consequences of hasty decisions."
   Pruitt, 45, has a Bachelor of Arts in economics and political science from the University of Washington.
   Terri Struthers-Thornton
   A self-described home-town girl, Struthers-Thornton is a real estate agent running as a write-in candidate. Issues that have her interested in serving on the council include property rights, transportation, affordable housing, and parks and recreation.
   On affordable housing, she says the onus is on government to provide building incentives. "Developers and builders need incentives and benefits for lowering lot and home prices," Struthers-Thornton said.
   Among her priorities if elected are compensation for private property taken by government actions. "Property owners should receive just value for property lost to government," Struthers-Thornton said.
   The candidate is a soccer and basketball coach, and volunteers for over 20 organizations. She has also participated in county affairs, including a stint with the council appointed Community Service Action Committee, as well as co-chairing the Health and Safety Network and serving as PTA Legislative Chair. Struthers-Thornton worked on State Sen. Jeanine Long's (R-Mill Creek) campaign.
   Struthers-Thornton, 37, and her husband and four children live in Mill Creek.
   Snohomish County Council District 4 includes Thrashers Corner, Canyon Park, Brier and Mill Creek.