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September 8, 1997

Local News

Cross Valley Water District

  Board of Commissioners Position 3
   NW News Staff
   L. Lorry Cohn
   Cohn, 65, is a retired landscaper who believes it is time for him to take action in community affairs. A resident of the Clearview area, Cohn says he doesn't think the district is serving the area's water quality needs. He says all of the district's money is going to expansion of their system .
   "I think it's time we shot for quality instead of quantity," Cohn said.
   He also finds fault with the district's service to its customers and takes exception to the way it handles its business. Cohn said in some places, the district can't hook up fire hydrants.
   This is Cohn's third political campaign, having served as a school board director as well as running for state representative in the late 1960s.
   W.E. "Skip" Schott
   The incumbent, Schott, 55, has spent 11 of the past 12 years on the Board of Commissioners. He is a member of two committees dealing with present and future south Snohomish County water needs, including The Clearview Group and the Sno/King Group.
   Water quality and quantity are among his goals if re-elected.
   "Seeing our new water treatment plant built and planning for future water needs are my two most important priorities," he said. He participated in the transition from Cross Valley Water Association to Water District several years ago.
   Schott is a 20-year resident of the Maltby area and works in the auto repair and restoration field. He has been active in community block watch programs for the past seven years.
   Ken Howard
   A 34-year-old consultant in the engineering, water quality and resources industry, Howard says he is concerned about growth and its effects upon the region's water supply. "I am running for commissioner to assure that our water will be of high quality, affordable and available, now and in the future," Howard said.
   A life-long resident of the area, Howard is employed at Associated Earth Sciences of Kirkland where he's been involved in a community development project with responsibilities including erosion control, installation of water monitoring wells and earthwork quality control.
   He says his priorities if elected include insuring an abundant, high quality, low rate water supply to customers.
   Cross Valley Water District serves nearly 5,000 customers in south Snohomish County. 89 percent of its water is drawn from wells in the area with the remainder piped from Everett's supply.