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September 15, 1997


Blast Young and old alike were protected by hard hats during a blasting demonstration last week at Cadman's Monroe quarry.

Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

Cadman demonstration a blast

  Andrew Walgamott
   More than a hundred local residents gathered on the rim of Cadman's Monroe rock quarry last week to watch a blasting demonstration. The company packed 1,400 pounds of explosive Ammonium Nitrate in "shelves" of andesite (a type of flow basalt common to the Cascades). Two separate detonations milliseconds apart created nearly 3,000 cubic yards of rock that will be used for rockery and gravel after further refining.
   Along with the blast, Cadman held an open house last Wednesday, replete with food, balloon rides and future plans. According to Rod Shearer, operation services manager, the company is currently identifying all the rock it wants to quarry out of the 316-acre pit it leases from the Washington Department of Natural Resources. Cadman paid the DNR $561,000 in royalties for selling rock and gravel from the pit in 1996.
   The 895,000 tons of rock, sand and gravel quarried at Cadman led to $5.9 million in sales in 1996. The quarry employs 71.