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September 15, 1997


To all parents of Woodinville Sr. High students

  It's a sad day in today's society that a new student to your High School can not complete her first week of school without being followed home by two of your sons driving an older gray 4 door compact on Friday Sept 5th, and being called a "BIG FAT UGLY NIGGER! " in front of her home.
   This is not the healthy and warm "Welcome to our school" I had envisioned for her. To be frank, I am sick that this ever had to take place and I hope all of you parents have taught your children better. If this was to happen to your child, I am sure you too could understand the hurt I feel for my daughter.
   I hope all of you are as outraged as we are and ban together to erase this behavior from our neighborhood and society. A message for you two BOYS; I ask that you grow up, become MEN and apologize to our daughter! That would be the mature thing to do.
   P.S. I would like to thank Mr. Dahlem (Vice Principal) for listening to our concerns and reacting so quickly to this situation.
   Name Withheld