The Edwards Agency

September 15, 1997


Computer Game Review: 'Claw'

 It would be easy to put off Claw as just another 2D side scroller game. Instead, Claw breaks the stereotypes and gives us an entertaining look back at the 8 and 16-bit console days of yesteryear. (4 out of 5 stars)

'Leonardo Lives' tickets go on sale

 Tickets will also be available for sale on SAMS's Leonardo Lives website ( as of Sept. 12.

"Les Miserables" continues to satisfy audiences

 The award-winning musical sensation "Les Miserables" returned to The 5th Ave. Theatre for its fourth time since 1991 and had audiences on their feet clamoring approval once again.

Seattle Shakespeare Festival

 The Seattle Shakespeare Festival will begin its 7th season with "Richard III."