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September 15, 1997

Front Page

Northshore enrollment up

  by Andrew Walgamott
   NORTHSHORE--School enrollment this year is up by 250 students district-wide over earlier projections, according to school district officials. Dr. Pamela Steele, Northshore School District communications director, said that as of September 5, 19,826 students were in classes. The district also measures school population by full time equivalents. Sept. 5 figures show 19,003 FTEs. Originally the school had projected 18,707 FTEs. Steele said new projections show that FTE count will settle down to 18,957, or 250 above original estimates.
   One FTE can be two kindergartners which attend school half-a-day.
   Steele called the larger enrollment a "pleasant surprise" and said it was caused by conservative estimates of student population. She said that last year, there was a small percentage drop in enrollment. Based on that, Steele said it was hard to tell if the district was going through a trend or an anomaly. "We were conservative when we didn't need to be conservative," Steele said.
   The new numbers reaffirm growth trends over the past few years. This year's enrollment is up two percent over last year. Steele said the district had been growing at between 1.5 and 2 percent lately.
   The district is recompensated $3,913 per child from the state. More students mean more dollars for the district's budget, Steele said.