The Edwards Agency

September 22, 1997


Letters to the Editor

Inevitable balanced growth

 Throughout the past several years, my wife and I have been especially concerned about the discussions and policies affecting our town's growth and future development.

Sincerely frustrated

 I, like many concerned citizens of Duvall, attended the meeting at Cedar Crest High School on Sept. 10th. This meeting was about the novelty hill bridge replacement and other King County road improvements that are or will be taking place in and around our city. My main concern, as it was with others, is the "inconvenience" that we will all experience during the year that this project will take to complete.

Woodinville Fire Department

 There have been two recent court rulings on agricultural lands that affect the Woodinville fire department's rural-zoned site on the south edge of downtown Woodinville.

Oscar Roloff's article on page 12 of the Sept. 15 issue.....

 Oscar Roloff's article on page 12 of the Sept. 15 issue, concerning Woodinville's unappreciated Medal of Honor winner, Demitri Corahorgi (later Dan Corey,) was most interesting.

Northshore School District suspicionless student drug-testing

 I understand that the Northshore School District is considering implementing a program that will require suspicionless drug-testing of certain schoolchildren within the District.

Snohomish County Government

 I am writing this letter to express the disappointment I felt in a recent encounter with Snohomish County Government.

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