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September 22, 1997


Snohomish County Government

  I am writing this letter to express the disappointment I felt in a recent encounter with Snohomish County Government. A rezone was being requested in my community in the vicinity of Paradise Lake Rd. and SR 522. A property owner wanted his 3.7 acres rezoned for community business. Traffic in this area is already out of control, sometimes waiting six to eight lights to cross or enter onto SR 522.
   A petition was circulated in the community to stop any rezone until traffic issues were addressed, it was then submitted to the County Council at a meeting to decide this issue. The Council, Swede Johnson in particular, explained they would grant the rezone so the property owner would have leverage with the state when they purchased the property for a proposed interchange on SR 522. Mr. Swede Johnson assured myself and those on the petition that there would be no development anytime soon. The Council in essence set aside what the community wanted and granted the rezone so the state would have to pay the property owner more for his property and the bill would be sent to the people of Washington, including those on the petition that were ignored.
   Since this less than wise decision was rendered on July 23rd, the 3.7 acres in question have been put up for sale for development, and the community is left to suffer an even worse traffic nightmare.
   The County Council needs to wake up and do what is best for the majority of the people in this community. Decisions like this one remind us all of just how deaf county government can be! Thank goodness for elections!
   Janet A. Smith