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September 22, 1997


Computer Game Review

  by Rick Brewster
   Shadow Warrior
   Being the last in a long line of "BUILD" games, I had low expectations of Shadow Warrior. Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Redneck Rampage had all been the same game. Duke3D at least got the credit for being original -- a witty character, awesome deathmatches, and the same "hunt over the level fifty times for the silver key after everyone's already dead and the fun is over."
   To put it simply, the games were so frustrating and just weren't FUN. The first few levels are always a blast -- then the wisecracks and shattering glass get old real fast.
   Enter Shadow Warrior. Lo Wang is the main hero, an Asian martial arts expert. There's a storyline, but, as usual, translates to "whoop on the bad guys and save the world." All throughout the game, you'll hear Lo Wang make crazy comments such as "Oh look you falling to pieces!" when he chops someone in half with a sword, or "Maybe if I close eyes it go away!" when an old lady asks for a kiss.
   The game started out enormously fun. All the weird and crazy weapons made it really FUN to kill the bad guys. Weapons range from a samurai's sword to a rail gun.
   However, the "BUILD plague" has struck this game as well. Huge levels with lots of dead bad guys and nowhere-to-be-found keys. Now don't get me wrong -- they shouldn't just "give away" the keys necessary to finish each level. However, when you've combed over the level fifty times looking for another door, a crack in the wall (indicating you can blow it up), or ANY sort of clue, it quickly gets annoying, frustrating and boring.
   This game is NOT for Quake lovers. However, anyone who loved Duke Nukem, Blood, or Redneck Rampage will most likely love this game as well. Why? Probably because they're the same game.
   Created by: 3D Realms (www.3drealms.com)
   Publisher: GT Interactive (www.gtinteractive.com)
   Category: 3D Action
   Price: $50
   System Requirements: Pentium, 16MB RAM, VGA, 16-bit Sound card, 65MB Hard Drive space, CD-ROM
   What you really need: 32MB RAM, VESA 2.0 supported SVGA, mouse
   Highs: hilarious main character; low system requirements
   Lows: gets boring really quick; exactly the same as Duke3D; may be offensive to some
   Content Rating:
R for extreme violence and blood
   Star Rating: 2 stars
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