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September 22, 1997

Local News

Reichert, Sims hold huge leads in county races

  by Andrew Walgamott
   SEATTLE--Voters overwhelmingly went for incumbents in the King County executive and sheriff's races last week. Executive Ron Sims garnered 92.2 percent of the Democratic vote in the primary race against Kenn Edward Yeager, whose platform consisted of dividing the county into four parts and demolishing water fountains.
   Sims had 133,199 votes to Yeager's 11,317. Sims was appointed by the King County Council last December to fill the executive's vacancy when former-chief Gary Locke was voted governor. Sims now faces Republican Suzette Cooke for the Executive's job. Cooke pulled in 67,102 votes county-wide. The election will be held November 4.
   In the sheriff's race, incumbent Dave Reichert beat the competition by a margin of 3 to 1. Reichert captured 135,959 votes to ex-Seattle policeman Chuck Pillon's 28,719 and management consultant Carl Clifton's 14,615. Reichert was appointed sheriff by the council last February. He will face Pillon in the general election.
   Fimia vs. Olsen
   First District Republican voters went for Bothell's Tim Olsen over Ed Sterner of Lake Forest Park. Olsen tallied 5,289 votes to Sterner's 4,013. Olsen, a small business owner, said in the coming weeks he would begin drawing distinctions between himself and incumbent Democratic Councilmember Maggi Fimia.
   "Maggi's very, very vulnerable," Olsen said. He cited the incorporation of Kenmore as evidence area voters were displeased with Fimia and her representation at the county level. "I will outwork her," Olsen said. He said he anticipated a close race with personal attacks from his opponent.
   "If they want to get nasty, I'm a fighter. I'll go toe to toe," Olsen said. As of printing time, it appeared that Patrick McGuire would challenge Jack Block for Port Commissioner, Position 1. Block got 73,750 votes to McGuire's 47,941.
   Paige Miller had the Port Commissioner, Position 3 race tied up, with 105,227 votes. Miller will face Jim Barlemay who pulled in 34,946 votes. The election won't be validated until Sept. 26.