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September 22, 1997

Local News

Somers leading Swede in Sno. Co. Council race

  Erotic dancing regs. pass, transit breaks down
   by Andrew Walgamott
   Though turnout was light for last week's primary election across the south end of the county, there were still important issues to vote on, including a County Council race and extension of bus service to rural areas. A number of absentee ballots had yet to be counted at press time and may affect final results.
   Monroe Democrat Dave Somers led incumbent R.C. "Swede" Johnson in the Fifth District County Council race. The election most likely will come down to absentee ballots. Only 793 votes separated the two as of Friday afternoon. Somers held 6,832 votes compared to Johnson's 6,039.
   With no Republican challenger, the winner will represent the fifth district in the County Council. In the Fourth District, Terry Struthers-Thornton's write-in campaign against fellow Mill Creek Republican Pam Pruitt failed. Pruitt held 3,477 votes to 61 votes for all write-ins. Pruitt now faces Democrat Barbara Cothern in the general election. Cothern pulled in 4,172 votes.
   County-wide, Referendum 96-01 appeared to be passing by a wide margin, with 37,428 yes votes and 16,367 nays. The new law will move erotic dancers back four feet from customers as well as provide other new regulations for adult entertainment clubs.
   Locally, extension of Community Transit to the Maltby, Clearview and Cathcart areas appeared to be failing. A retail tax of .6 percent seemed to scare voters away from the measure though only 166 votes separated the yes and no camps. Absentee ballots again could make the difference.
   In the Alderwood Water District, Donna Cross will face Jeff Haapalainen for Water Commissioner, Position 2. Cross garnered 52.3 percent of the vote while Haapalainen cornered 27.5 percent. In a tight race for Cross Valley Water District Commissioner, Position 2, only 31 votes separate incumbent W.E. Skip Schott and Ken Howard. Both will go on to the general election.
   Gunther Hausmann zapped the competition in Fire District #7, reeling in 1,288 votes in the race for commissioner, Position 4. His nearest competitor, Terry Ferrell bagged 610 votes. James Brevig, a retired policeman, didn't make the cut with 470 votes.
   Final results on all races won't be available until Sept. 26 when the election is validated.