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SEPTEMBER 29, 1997


Northshore HIV/AIDS Curriculum

   For several years, I have attended presentations to parents on HIV/AIDS Prevention in local Northshore schools. These are informative but sparsely attended: Last year fewer than a dozen parents attended at WHS, where more than 1100 students are enrolled; attendance at NJHS has been little better.
   The state-prescribed HIV/AIDS curriculum is not controlled by the local teachers required to teach it and invariably, certain parents and teachers express concerns over its content. If parents attend the presentation, they may inspect the teaching materials and opt to have their student excused from this unit. After careful consideration, this is an option we have chosen for our several children; those excused have been respectfully allowed to do other work at the library.
   I have found it worthwhile to attend the presentations to learn, voice my opinions and make an informed decision on HIV/AIDS instruction.
   Other parents may find it equally valuable to attend in the coming few weeks in considering this important aspect of their children's education.
   Tom Peterson, Woodinville
   Northshore HIV/AIDS Curriculum