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SEPTEMBER 29, 1997


Determined and resourceful teen builds his own boat

  A love of boating and waterskiing combined with an inate mechanical aptitude led sixteen year old Jared Sheeks to build his own speed boat.

A view from the top, by Rene Corton

  The 1995 vintage wines are uniformly excellent throughout France. Bordeaux had the first really good year since 1990 and the red burgundies and rhones are excellent.

Pet day in Woodinville circa 1910

  One spring day early in the twentieth century "Children's Pet Day" was held, with the children together with their pets gathering at the Hollywood Farm

My post outhouse period was a holy terror

  In 1938 I left the safety and privacy of our one-holer farm outhouse scene to enter naval service to become acquainted with a warship's "head." Was a far cry from my outhouse past.

First impressions of Beijing

  At first glance, Beijing is a study in contrasts. Donkey carts and tractors jockey for space on the dirty city streets next to shiny new Jeep Cherokees.