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SEPTEMBER 29, 1997

Local News

County buys open space near mouth of Sammamish

  NW News Staff
   KENMORE--Last week, King County announced the purchase of nearly seven acres of open space on the north shore of Lake Washington.
   The acreage, divided between two parcels, represents some of the last undeveloped property on the north end of Lake Washington. The parcels are located just north of the Inglewood Country club off of N.E. 171st Place near the mouth of the Sammamish River.
   King County Councilmember Maggi Fimia (D-1st Dist.) said she believed there would've been pressure to build on the parcels given the relatively small amount of lakefront property that remains undeveloped. "Because the community, the county and the owner acted quickly and cooperatively, we will be able to preserve these sites forever," Fimia said.
   The purchase will permanently preserve the land in open space. King County Department of Parks and Recreation will manage the two sites until the newly incorporated city of Kenmore assumes responsibility. Potential uses of the land may include walking trails, fish and wildlife interpretive activities and access to inland waterways for small boats. According to parks spokesman Al Dams, purchase of the parcels was supported by the community during recent meetings.