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SEPTEMBER 29, 1997


Woodinville 1st Grader is 3 millionth Mariner fan

  by Madeline Moore
   Six year old Robby Gross of Woodinville, a first grader at Bear Creek elementary, was the 3 millionth fan to attend a Mariner's game in the Kingdome this season. As he passed through the turnstiels, he was greeted by a big celebration that included a band,confetti and television cameras. One of the biggest rewards of being in the right place at the right time, was throwing the first pitch of the game. Robby's 10 year old brother John was pleased about this, because he says that "Robby has the best pitching arm in the family."
   Robby also received a Mariner's hat ,team jacket, 2 20-game plan season tickets for 1998, a $100 gift certificate, a baseball signed by Lou Pinella and the first ball of the game. His parents, Tim and Carol Gross have taken the family to 7 games this year. Carol says that Robby is feeling a bit shy and overwhelmed by all the attention. He is ready to watch the playoffs.