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OCTOBER 6, 1997


Agenda Item 5 for 9-18-97

  TO: Councilmember Louise Miller, Chair UNR Committee, + Committee Members
   RE: Agenda Item 5 for 9-18-97 (Briefing on pending ground water management plans - including Redmond-Bear Creek)
   Items the briefing will never say::
   1. Jim Bailey of EMCOM (engineer in charge of the Redmond-Bear Creek groundwater studies) said there are no groundwater quality problems in the study area - a few elevated levels of manganese and iron, which occur naturally and are nothing to worry about.
   2. The 2"- thick Redmond-Bear Creek Valley Ground Water Management Plan book discloses no significant environmental impacts from hundreds of years of indiscriminate, unsupervised land uses, including droppings from thousands of dairy cows, two landfill dumps without cavity linings, numerous horse-acre urban-style housing developments and apartments. The book further states that the area's water quality meets all the primary and secondary state and federal drinking water standards.
   3. In view of no significant impacts from past indiscriminate use, and in view of new GMA downzoning, Complan and Basin Plan environmental lockups of 65% vegetation retention and the widest riparian buffers in King County (50'-100' each side of class 3 intermittent streams,) plus new state/federal regs - plus the disappearance of all the dairy farms - as well as the Cottage Lake Management Plan - where is the necessity for yet another layer of bureaucracy and new taxes (user fees) to control what's already being controlled in existing programs???
   4. Where's the justification for spending a projected $352,000/year to educate (indoctrinate) us about what could happen if we don't do thus-and-such, and to take more school classroom time to teach our children what's already being taught in SWM programs that take our kids out of the classroom to transplant wetlands vegetation.
   5. Last but not least: Due to the Plan's text description of the western boundary of the study area going to the Sammamish River - even though the cover map correctly showed the east edge of Hollywood Hill as the western boundary - and Health Department officials said the map is correct, not the text - Hollywood Hills now shown on the Complan's groundwater map as "areas highly susceptible to ground water contamination." The Plan's testing location maps show no testing on Hollywood Hill, and the H.D. confirmed that no tests were done on Hollywood Hill.
   Since the best available science was not used to classify Hollywood Hill, I would appreciate Hollywood Hill's not being included in whatever rules/charges are promulgated to implement the (unneeded) Redmond-Bear Creek groundwater management plan.
   P.S. Don't forget UNR's 10-26-96 meeting wherein Cynthia Sullivan questioned why areas with piped drinking water were being designated on a map as highly susceptible, adding that "maps are conditioning instruments." Brian Derdowski said there is a potential for "greatly decreasing land use" in mapped groundwater areas.
   Maxine Keesling